The study of Feng Shui described an object at a location with a certain dimension will radiates harmonic energy. These energies can be tuned to benefits the living as well as the deceased (note: the deceased dimension (The ruler used to measure tomb of the deceased) is not covered in this research). Very offend we encounter feng shui practitioner advising us to use our sixth sense when placing a furniture at a particular location and if our feeling is right, the distant you’ve placed the furniture relative to the wall should be auspicious. There is a strong relative sense in all of us that allow this function but if you’re moody, tired or not harmonically in tuned; then you’re leaving it to chances.

This is why the feng shui foot was introduced.
The feng shui foot (feng shui full length ruler) is 42.96 cm or 16 15/16 inches. The foot is divided into 8 quadrants of power like the Lo Shu square (The magic Square). Each quadrant is 5.37cm and has unique properties. Each quadrant is further divided into 4 sub sections further defining the base quadrant.

These quadrants meanings and dimensions are listed below

Quadrant Meaning From (cm) To (cm) Auspicious
1. Cai Wealth 0 5.37 Auspicious
2. Bing Sickness 5.37 10.74 Inauspicious
3. Li Leave or separate 10.74 16.11 Inauspicious
4. Yi Descendants luck 16.11 21.48 Auspicious
5. Kuan Knowledge or wisdom 21.48 26.85 Auspicious
6. Jie Robbery or disaster 26.85 32.22 Inauspicious
7. Hai Total loss 32.22 37.59 Inauspicious
8. Ben Long term prosperity 37.59 42.96 Auspicious

After the eighth quadrant, the ruler is repeated. It is for this reason that I’ve written the feng shui ruler calculator program to determine which quadrant a lengthy distant belongs to.

Example, a bedroom size 3.4m x 3.4m will bring prosperity but a room size 3.5m x 3.5m may have sickness implication. There are many ways to remediate this cure, please seek your feng shui adviser or seek the faq section.

Knowing the energy present will allow a feng shui practitioner the ability to channel the auspicious energy to benefit the occupant or remediate negative energy accordingly.

Following the rule above, I’ve created a feng shui foot converter that will help us identify if a dimension is auspicious or inauspicious. Enter a Length in centimeter, meter or Inch and see if that Length is auspicious. If possible, increase or decrease the length to fit into the desire auspicious quadrant

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